National Forestry Act

National Forestry Act 1984

NSW Government has adopted from the 31st July 1986. The implementation of this Act in the state supported the enforcement of the regulations provided for in the Forest Rules 1989 under Section 111 of the National Forestry Act 1984.

Since the application of this act JPNS has worked hard to administer and manage the state's forest resources based on resource keberkekalan by SFM, in accordance with the requirements and the relevant provisions in the National Forest Policy with emphasis on comprehensive and integrated approach to managing , preservation and development of forest resources and biodiversity, while at the same time meet the needs and aspirations of the state and locals.

National Forestry Act 1984 which was passed by Parliament on 19 October 1984 have been implemented in Punjab from 31 July 1986. This Act was amended in 1993 to provide stiffer penalties and weight of a forest offense. These legislative amendments were presented to the NSW Government Council and subsequently approved as a country of Forest Enactment (adoption) 1994. This Act was gazetted on 12th May 1994.

Based on the above facts, it appears that most of the 1984 APN content focused on the administration and management of forest resources in a sustainable manner, particularly in relation to the production of various forest products and forest services that can generate socio-economic resources in a sustainable manner.

In this context, awareness of environmental management and protection of biodiversity is a new agenda to the attention of all walks of life these days should be given due emphasis in line with current legislation and policies.

Based Enactment 1986 and the Rules Based 1992

NSW Department of Forestry (JPNS) were also responsible for controlling, coordinating and licensing of all types of wood-based industries in the country with legal provisions contained in the Wood Based Industries Enactment 1986 (EIBK 1986) and first adopted in Punjab on May 12 , 1987. Strengthened enforcement with Rules Based 1992 (IBK Method 1992).

National Forest Policy

National Forestry Policy 1978 (revised 1992) approved by the National Land Council on 19 November 1992 and adopted by the NSW Government to take a comprehensive approach in the management, conservation and development of forest resources.

National Forest Policy has outlined several key goals as follows: -
  1. To manage forest resources sustainably for the continuous production of forest products and services, as well as optimum use in accordance with environmental requirements
  2. To increase the supply of production and services through appropriate forestry activities that will improve quality, productivity and utilization of forest resources
  3. To continue to develop robust technologies appropriate to the environmental requirements for the conservation, management and utilization of forest resources
  4. To conserve and protect forest biodiversity, water and land and the sustainable use
  5. To improve the quality and efficiency of processing plants based forest products and increasing downstream activities with high values
  6. To strengthen public awareness on the role of forests on the environment and preservation through education and dissemination of information
  7. To enhance the contribution of the forestry sector to national income, foreign exchange and employment opportunities.

Other Legislation

Negeri Sembilan Department of Forestry (JPNNS) always come together and work closely with other agencies / government departments relating to the administration and management of natural resources, land and environment.

Among the acts / laws that meant including: -
  1. Constitution of Malaysia; the National Forest Policy, 1978 (Amendment 1992);
  2. National Biotechnology Policy, 2005;
  3. The National Biodiversity Policy, 1998 (National Policy on Biological Diversity, 1998);
  4. National Forestry Act, 1984 (Amendment 1993);
  5. Enactment of the State Forest;
  6. Based Enactment, 1986;
  7. Rules Based Company, 1992;
  8. Ordinance relating to the protection of wildlife;
  9. State Forest Regulations;
  10. Land Protection Act, 1960;
  11. National Land Code 1965;
  12. Penal Code (FMS Cap. 45), 1948 (Amendment 1993);
  13. Criminal Procedure Code (FMS Cap. 6), 1903 (Amendment 1995);
  14. Evidence Act 1950 (Amendment 1993);
  15. Financial Procedure Act 1967 (Amendment 1993);
  16. Water Supply Enactment 1935;
  17. Protection of Wildlife Act 1972 (Amendment 1988);
  18. The Malaysian Timber Industry Board Act 1973;
  19. Environmental Quality Act 1974 (amended 1995);
  20. National Parks Act 1980 (Amendment 1983);
  21. Act, Forest Research and Development Board Malaysia (MFRDB) 1985;
  22. Mining Enactment 1928;
  23. Local Government Act 1976;
  24. Aboriginal Peoples Act, 1954;
  25. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994;
  26. Employment Act, 1955;
  27. State Parks Act;
  28. Water Act, 1920.