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  1. Social Site - Links to the official Facebook page of JPNNS, RSS feeds,  & Web Application Statement Mobile.
  2. Choice of Color - Change the color for JPNNS portal.
  3. Choice of Language - Choose the language of instruction.
  4. Text Size - Ease to change the font size.
  5. Search - Enables users to search information in the JPNNS portal.
  6. Header - Display the logo and statement Official Portal Forestry Department of Negeri Sembilan.
  7. Main Menu - Display the main menu list appearing at JPNNS Portal.
  8. Personalization - Special links for citizens JPNNS and Public.
  9. Main Banner - Banner for public announcements.
  10. Icon Services - Displays the main services provided by JPNNS.
  11. Quick Links - Link directly to Client Charter Achievements and Database Search.
  12. Latest Info - Displays information such as the latest announcement, Tender & Quotation, Newspaper and Downloads in JPNNS.
  13. Online Services - Provides a list of online services for JPNNS staff (Intranet) and public (Internet).
  14. Media Gallery - Provides the option to link directly to the photo gallery, video and audio.
  15. 1 Citizen 1 Tree - Provide tab for 1 Citizen 1 Tree to ease the users.
  16. Links - Link directly to the portal / website government agencies.
  17. Contact - Showing address and a link to the feedback.
  18. Visitor Statistics - Display the number of visitors who access the JPNNS portal.
  19. QR Code - QR code images are available for scanning for users surfing JPNNS via smartphones.
  20. Votes - Display the latest vote JPNNS portal.
  21. Copyright - Statement Copyright Portal JPNNS and links Disclaimer, Security Policy, Privacy Policy, User Help.
  22. Display - Statement for the best browser to surf the display portal and update dates.