In Negeri Sembilan, Lipur Forest plays an important role in eco-tourism sector in line with the level of development and increase standard of living. Negeri Sembilan Forestry Department has been able to plan, build and maintain sustainable Recreational Forest in providing recreation facilities to meet the needs of local people and the world community in general.

Recreational facilities at the Forest development has attracted local and foreign visitors as well as to develop related industries make eco-tourism and forest as a tourist attractions in the country and abroad in general.

In line with the Government to develop the tourism sector in the country, the State Forestry Department has also developed a 12 unit Recreational Forest. Each forest has its own advantages and it is expected to attract visitors to the site at any one time.

Negeri Sembilan Amenity Forest:

 Batu Maloi  Gunung Tampin  Lata Kijang  Serting Ulu
 De Bana  Jeram Tengkek  Lenggeng  Ulu Bendul
 Gunung Datuk   Jeram Toi  Pasir Panjang