State Wildlife Nature Park is located in the valley covering an area Jemaloi Kenaboi Forest has an area of ??about 9450 ha. This area is monopolized by the tilt stand Upland Forest and Bamboo Forest. Forest areas, especially in environments Still Lata Kijang status of virgin forest with a height 400 - 500m above sea level. Jemaloi Valley is seen as an important water catchment for downstream communities in the majority of indigenous peoples. There are three indigenous villages in the park is dry Kg, Kg and Kg Bertam London

Concept Development:
The overall concept and design of the planned development is based on a combination of natural elements and is compatible with the concept of "Wilderness Exposure and Experience" in which the materials of construction used more based on the use of wood types Hardwood Heavy [Heavy Hard Wood (HHW)] developed for the construction of a more harmonious with the natural environment. However, regular maintenance is still to be done so that the facilities provided are in a comfortable and safe

Activities / Services:
Toilet, Office, Canteen, Accommodation, Exhibition Building, Learning Space, Lata Kijang waterfall (80m high), cave Semong, Tiger Cave, Mountain of Ghosts, Habitat Rajah Brooke butterflies, Jeram grumble (complain tagal), Village Aboriginal and camping
How to get here: Visitors can take their own car / taxi / bus to the town of Kuala Klawang. Only 4x4 vehicles can only enter this area

Any inquiries please contact:
Forest Ranger Office Jelebu
71600 Kuala Klawang,
JelebuTel: 06-6136500