of 4 hectares (10 acres) in Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest, Kuala Pilah located in compartment 45, Forest of Angsi for the realization to collect and preserve the endangered species to be protected and snakes as well as introduce python in the public eye. the planned development plan is adapted from the theme "Implementation of Tropical Nature Adaptation". Selected regions have forest stand consisting of poles, small trees and large trees and a stream that flows that reflect the natural environment in the forest. existence Ulu Bendul Python Park is also expected to make Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest as a destination for eco- a popular tourist state.


  • To be the main attraction in the integration of assets in Ulu Recreational Forest Bendul to tourists visiting the state of;
  • To collect, conserve and protect species of python around the world in in-situ and ex-situ for general observations as well as bring awareness to endangered species of python is not;
  • To create awareness and educate the people so loving and caring for reptiles;
  • For study and research into a python;
  • To make the tourist spots to enjoy the beauty of fauna habitat especially alamsemulajadi as python.

Species of pythons

Python Among the species found here are: -

  1. Colombia Rainbow boa (Epicratus cenchria maurus),
  2. Barazilian Rainbow boa (Epicratus cenchria chenchria)
  3. Green anaconda (Eunectes murinus)
  4. Carpet phyton (Morelia spilota)
  5. Sawa Pendek - Blood python (Python curtus)
  6. Green burmese (Python molurus bivittatus)
  7. Sawa batik (Python reticulatus)