Forest harvesting in Negeri Sembilan have been carried out according to standard criteria, indicators and activities set by the ITTO Year 2000 Objective and the MS ISO 9000 for the harvesting of forest land in a reserve forest subject to the annual allowable cut area of ​​2.460 hectares. Forest is the main criteria for managing and conserving biodiversity in line with the principles of Sustainable Forest Management (Sustainable Forest Management) for the benefit of social, economic, cultural and environmental.

Forest harvesting is taking activities and forest produce which has contributed to the development and socio-economic development. Permanent Reserved Forest harvesting is an activity that must be implemented according to the best forest management system to cut and remove timber size and mature enough for the needs of the wood-based industry. Harvesting was carried out for selective cutting system with enough left standing in the next round in line with the economic exploitation of forest resources and ensure the maintenance of environmental stability.