Forest management system is an important element in sustainable forest development to ensure a reserve forest preserved and maintained for the preservation of natural resources and environmental sustainability. Restoration of forests through silvicultural activities are the main activities to ensure sustainable production of timber in accordance with the functions of natural forests to provide a renewable source.

Forest Resource Management

Practice of sustainable forest resource management continues to be practiced as an important core in forest management. This practice is in line with the implementation of forest management certification under the Malaysian Criteria and Indicators (MC & I) as formulated in accordance with the Criteria and Indicators Timber Trade Association International. This certification was conducted to ensure that timber products from the state received at the international level. To ensure the best forest management on forest resources, and preserving this precious diversity of functions, these forests should be managed in detail in accordance with the principles of sustainable forest management and forest certification and quality standards set.

Forest Boundary Maintenance

Projects to be important to determine the position of the core boundaries and area of ​​a reserve forest before an activity such as activity management, harvesting and forest development can take place. Marking the boundary of the right work is necessary to avoid overlapping area, confusion, change borders, legal complications, loss of revenue by the government and facilitate the monitoring and control. This project involves the clearing activities outside the reserve forest boundaries, including measuring, wash the border, border and installing signs to determine the boundaries of the reserve forest government land and alienated land and control of forest encroachment.

Before felling forest inventory (Pre-F)

Forest inventory before felling (Pre-F) carried out to obtain accurate information and update information related to forest stand conditions. From the analyzed information, cutting the limit can be set beside to plan and manage the orderly harvesting and efficiently. Inventory was carried out in two years before harvesting carried out.

Tree Marking

This tree marking activities conducted in the field after cutting the limit determined based on pre-felling forest inventory analysis (Pre-F). Tree marking activities carried out by checking all tree felling, tree mother, tree protection, street trees, plants and trees logyard partner site and watercourse buffer zone boundary. By marking this tree-felling activities without authorization can be controlled as well as to minimize the impact on the environment. Tree marking is usually done within one year before an area is open for harvesting after cutting the limit set.