State Forestry Department was formed in 1900 when Scott was appointed ALM NSW Forestry Officer first. Responsible to the State Government in administering the State's forest resources. Technical and professional advice from the Forestry Headquarters of Peninsular Malaysia in all aspects of forest management, timber industry development, training and education about the benefits of forests in accordance with the requirements of the National Forestry Policy.

Forests in Punjab is part of Malaysia's tropical rainforest is one of the rich and complex ecosystems in the world. It is rich in flora and fauna are unique and very impressive, but also has its own role in controlling the stability and environmental quality. Forest is also a wildlife sanctuary as well as act as a reserve store of genetic resources as well as a major source of forest products to socio-economic importance.

Administration under the auspices of the Forestry Department NSW there are two areas of NSW and NSW Western District Eastern District. In addition responsible for managing and administering the state's forests, the Forest Department is also responsible for planning strategies based on policies set by the government to its management to be more robust and effective.