Forest Resource Management

Strengthening the position of reserve forest and formulate the State Forest Management Plan and Work Plan District Forest for a long time and perform the management and protection of forest resources and the environment regularly and intensively. In addition, an emphasis is also given in terms of forest management by the requirements of hydrology (water resources), the diversity of flora and fauna as well as the stabilization of the ecological balance of the forest including contingent occurrences of natural disasters.

Harvesting Forest Resources

Implement forest harvesting operations according to the Selective Management System (SMS) in a systematic and controlled in order to minimize damage to residual trees and seedlings and controlling the ecological balance and environmental stability by implementing forest harvesting according to annual allowable cut has been set.

Forest Resources Development

Implement restoration work on a regular basis through the natural forest silviculture treatments to achieve maximum productivity of forests by intensifying efforts regeneration areas of forest reserves that are less productive, government's abandoned land and government's lands agencies or individuals idle.

Development of Timber Industry

Oversee the conduct of the wood-based industries to improve the quality and quantity of production, minimizing waste and encouraging the growth of the wood-based industry hilitran; Growing and added value to the industry and member state revenues as well as technical advice to the parties from time to time in connection with the development and use of modern technology and sophisticated.

Development of Recreation and Eco-Tourism

Plan, identify, develop, maintain and supervise the area of HSK appropriate and sufficient as the eco-tourism product that is competitive and commercial environment without compromising stability. In accordance with the requirements of the State Government, the Department focuses on the concept of "Think and Act Tourism" in the development of recreation areas throughout Negeri Sembilan.

Development, Publicity and Callout

Carry out activities of development, publicity and Callout to all segments of society to raise public awareness about the role and services of the Department of Forestry; provide any form of technical advice related to forests and their functions, and related to the subject and its role; and to improve the efficiency kekitangan through capacity building programs including menyedeiakan training, courses and seminars to give exposure basic forestry professionalism among forest officials with the times.

Law Enforcement

Carry out enforcement duties in an effective and intensive forest by the relevant provisions of the National Forestry Act 1984 (Revised 1993), Wood-based Industries Act 1986 and Rules 1992 Wood Based Industries and other related provisions. Forestry Department Negri Sembilan which also need to complete the team or enforcement unit includes creating permanent positions Legal Adviser and the Department of the Investigating Officer and equipped with vehicles and tools appropriate facilities in addition to skills training.