Forest harvesting in the Negeri Sembilan have been implemented according to standard criteria, indicators and activities set by the ITTO Year 2000 Objective to MS ISO 9000 for the harvesting of forest land in the Permanent Forest Reserve is subject to ACR. Forest Harvesting main criteria is to manage and preserve forests in line with the principles of Sustainable Forest Management (Sustainable Forest Management) for the benefit of the social, economic, cultural and environmental.

Forest harvesting is an activity to take and removing forest products contributed significantly to the development and socio-economic development. Harvesting the Permanent Forest Reserve is an activity that should be implemented in accordance with the best forest management system by cutting and removing timber sufficient size and maturity of the wood-based industry needs. Harvesting is done by selective cutting system with sufficient leave the stand next round in line with the economic harvesting to ensure the sustainability of forest resources and environmental stability.

The techniques used in harvesting activities are directional felling techniques and the equipment used is:

1 Chainsaws

2 Ear Protectors

3 Helmet Safety

4 Protective Front

5 Gloves

6 Safety Shoes

7 Life Jacket